WELCOME to develop

business & photography coaching

for wedding & family photographers

D E V E L O P provides photography business coaching from Jonny MP (former Coca-Cola digital marketing manager and man behind  Jonny MP Photography), for wedding and family photographers, in the form of 1-2-1 coaching and workshops.


 1-2-1  c o a c h i n g  is available across all aspects of being a professional photographer and running a photography business. This coaching is fully customisable and tailored to your needs, offered in a variety of formats, from as little as half a day, to a full year long mentoring programme. 


1-2-1 business & marketing coaching

“My 11 years in professional marketing, and six years of building Jonny MP Photography from scratch, makes for a powerful combination. This unique experience, coupled with my energy and enthusiasm, means  D E V E L O P  is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to get started in wedding and family photography, or seasoned pros stuck in a rut.”

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Between 2004 and 2015 I worked for a series of pretty big companies. When I say big, I don't just mean in terms of numbers of people working there, but also the sophistication of the operations that come with managing staff and their well being. From a dedicated line...

The secret for success?

Many people think the job of a photographer means they are going to just be paid to take photos for a living. Unfortunately this is only half the truth. Being a great photographer is not the only skill you need. Your 'Photography IQ' could be really high and you might...

Understanding return on investment

A photographer once told me about a recent wedding fair they had exhibited at. I asked them how much they'd spent on doing it (in region of £1,500) and how many bookings they got from it (one booking for £1,500). To my surprise they seemed very pleased. "I...

aspire & thrive wedding photography workshop

“Jonny gave us short term and long term goals to aim for and we couldn’t be more grateful for everything he’s done for us.”