I remember really clearly the day I launched Jonny MP Photography. It was September 2011 and I was absolutely bursting with ideas and enthusiasm after shooting my first wedding the month before and the subsequent reaction of the bride and groom to the photos left me so much determination to make shooting weddings my life’s work. However I will never forget just how big a mountain it felt laid before me to reach this dream. There were so many hurdles to cross and so much to do and learn.

In the coming months I am going to be sharing more in-depth information about my journey and what I did right (and wrong!!) along the way. I definitely made many mistakes and I definitely could have done a few things differently. That said there were three things I lived by throughout the first few years (and I still hang on to these things now). I think they are solid foundations as we remember that reaching our goals is made up of a 10,000 small actions, rather than a few big ones.

#1 Do one thing every day no matter what

There are 365 days in a year and that means we can achieve so much if we commit to the daily habit of doing something. Often we are over ambitious about what we can do in the short-term and we underestimate ourselves in the long-term. We can easily can get discouraged and then stop. So often I hear of people with big ambitions but they fall away. Therefore my first bit of golden advice is always aim to do one thing a day that gets you closer to your goal. That sounds hard? Not when I mean one thing could literally be spending 5 minutes achieving one task. I guarantee you that if you do this for a whole year it’s absolutely impossible for you to be in the same place as you started!

#2 Run your own race

We live in an age now where the ability to see what so many people are doing, all over the world, that it’s very very easy to compare yourself, become discouraged and give up. My advice is don’t let this happen! Stick to your guns and don’t don’t give up!

#3 Enjoy the journey

It’s amazing what a difference it makes smiling throughout the journey. I remember now being so excited about every shoot, and rushing home to edit it that night. Looking back it the photos then weren’t what I’d be proud of now but I loved it all and I was constantly buzzing for the next shoot and to deliver photos that made people smile. I might have been a total newbie but I just got stuck in and concentrated on what I was doing.