Beginners photography workshop

beginners DSLR workshops

Many people get very excited when they get a proper digital SLR camera – there is the surge of enthusiasm and the expectations are high! But then disappointment sets in and the frustration grows. And before you know you’re left wondering why you just spent £500+ on a camera!

If you’re one of those people and are itching to get out of Auto and start using your camera to it’s full potential then read on!

Teaming up with the awesome Hannah (fellow pro photographer and author) from Funky Photographers, the half day workshops are relaxed, upbeat and very hands on.

Get to know your camera

This is when everyone says “ah that’s what that button does!” You’ll finally get to know your camera and understand what does what.

iso, aperture and shutter speed

The three ‘light levers’ are essential to being in control of your camera. You’ll get off AUTO and learn how to manage exposure yourself – allowing you far more control and ultimately better photos.

composition techniques

You will be taught a number of simple, but highly effective, composition techniques that will super-charge your photography ability.

editing your photos

We’ll show you the importance of processing your photos and how a small amount of editing tme making a huge difference to the final product. 

our next date: saturday 24th February 9.30am - 2pm


Our Beginners Workshops are as jargon free as possible! We aim to give you all the information you need in the simplest way.


There is no better way to learn than to get using your camera. Our workshops are initially classroom based but we get you outside and tackling practical tasks with your teachers on hand to help out. We have found from experience this means you learn quicker and go away feeling confident you can take on what you’ve learnt!

lots of love

We aim to give everyone as much attention as possible on the day and in our follow-up Facebook group! We want you to succeed!

Meet your teachers

Jonny mp

Jonny mp

Jonny MP Photography

Jonny MP has run Jonny MP Photography since 2012 and shot weddings all over the UK, Europe and beyond, and loves helping people take better photos. He is a passionate believer that with some guidance we can all take photos we can be proud of!
hannah macgregor

hannah macgregor

Funky Photographers

Hannah has run Funky Photographers for the last 10 years, racking up over 350 family shoots in that time and over 400 weddings. Hannah is not only a high-skilled photographer, but her infectious personality makes her an incredible teacher. She is sure to spur you on in your quest to be a better photographer!
This course is for absolute beginners or those who want a refresh of the basics!
The Beginners Workshop is great if you are a complete beginner or you know a little about photography and just need to polish your skills. Hannah and Jonny are great teachers and very patient. You feel at ease to ask questions and come away with new skills. I went home with some photos I was really proud of! Lucy

Jonny and Hannah are the most enthusiastic advocates of photography I know. This is backed up their excellent ability to communicate their passion to you and their fantastic photographic skills both technically and compositionally. I strongly advise everyone who is just using auto on their camera to get onto one of these workshops. You will be astounded how in 4 hours you can use the manual functions to great effect.  Laura