All wedding photographers love taking photos. They love working with their couples. They can take incredible images. But when it comes to brand and marketing they often struggle. As photographers we wish we could just get bookings handed on a plate – so we could just focus on the fun part! However sadly the reality isn’t that simple.  In fact low barriers to entry mean that the wedding photography market has a huge number of new entrants each year. There are a lot of photographers all competing for the same pool of business. 

Standing out and having a brand is therefore essential. It is the most important thing for you to focus on your business (above anything else). This one day course is your chance to finally understand brand and marketing, learn a tonne of practical information, and get your business flying! 

You will learn that simply having a logo, a website (of sorts) and an Instagram page isn’t enough. Creating a brand is about working out a coherent strategy that touches every part of your business. You will see what we can learn from big brands that we can imply to our photo businesses. And you will be inspired as to how you can make a brand to be proud of.

Hosted by Jonny Miles-Prouten at his home ‘Bear Cottage’, in Surrey, Jonny brings a wealth of expertise in this area and is the only UK wedding photographer teaching branding, with a professional brand and marketing background. In 2011 Jonny was named one of the top 30 marketing leaders by the Marketing Academy.


Why brand is essential

Why having a brand is more important than ever in today’s crowded wedding photography market.

step-by-step guide

Step-by-step guide on how to create your own brand, with practical exercises throughout the day assist you in each stage.

more than a logo

Why brand is more than logo – the 9 componants that make up your brand strategy. We will work on your very own brand strategy template.

implementing your brand

How to make your brand come alive and install it at the centre of all your marketing activity. 

thursday 5th March 2020

10am - 4pm / Epsom, Surrey / £300


Jonny Miles-prouten

Jonny Miles-prouten

Ex Cola-Cola Digital Marketing Manager & owner of Jonny MP Photography

Jonny brings an incredibly powerful set of experience to the table, having worked professionally in advertising and marketing for over 10 years (for big brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Kraft Foods) before switching to run a very successful photography business, with over 300 weddings now under his belt.

In 2011 Jonny was chosen as one the top 30 marketing leaders in the UK and won a place on the prestigious Marketing Academy. Between 2004 and 2013 he worked for several of London’s leading marketing agencies as a Senior Account Director.

Jonny has been full time since 2015 and now shoots weddings all over UK, and abroad, and has created a unique brand of emotive, ‘heart on sleeve’ wedding photography, which is well respected within the industry. He launced DEVELOP in 2018 to bring education and coaching for fellow weddding and family photographers and apply his knowledge from his former career.

He is well known for his enthuiasm, down-to-earth approach and professionalism!

This course is for all wedding photographers, whether just starting out, or you’ve been in business for 10+ years, who want to create a brand they’re proud of!


“His 10 years experience of brand & marketing with Coca-Cola really shines through!”

I recently attended Jonny’s develop course and was absolutely blown away by the content, experience and wealth of knowledge. I thought I had a vague understanding of brand and marketing before, but left feeling so inspired with a greater understanding of exactly what my brand is and how to convey I could convey that to a specific target audience.
Jonny is such a great teacher and so passionate, not only about the photography industry but also seeing others excel. His 10 years experience of brand & marketing with Coca Cola really shines through! 5* service, I can’t recommend this course highly enough!!

Benjamin Wetherall / Wetherall Photography

Jonny – What can I say?! Today was really great for getting my brain buzzing, my pen scribbling and my business inspired again!

It was fab even after 12 years in business to break down how my brand and marketing can help & inform my work & my decisions. There was so much practical advice to take away, think about and start to put into play immediately – I am hyped for how some simple changes within my company will lead to more work & a better understanding of my clients experience.

This course came at a really great time for me – Now it’s time to not procrastinate and instead get rocking and rolling with ideas. Thank you JMP x”

Hannah MacGregor, Funky Photographers

“There was so much practical advice to take away, think about and start to put into play immediately!”

“Jonny has given me ideas and processes to help attract and market towards my ideal client and the boost I needed!”

“I am super excited about getting stuck into creating my brand with a little more thought and consideration after taking Jonny’s workshop. I felt my business had been missing something for a while. I hadn’t ever thought about the language I used, my ideal client persona and the why behind a lot of my business decisions. Jonny has given me ideas and processes to help attract and market towards my ideal client, and more importantly the boost I needed to actually make a start and create something I can be proud of! I can’t wait to use these quieter months to put all his strategies into practice”

Louise Adby / Louise Adby Photography

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