More and more people are looking to run their own business and escape the corporate hamster wheel. The opportunity to do something you enjoy, and be your own boss, is incredibly appealing. I myself made that life-changing big leap a few years back and I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did.

However making this dream a reality is easier said than done and lots of people find themselves struggling with suddenly being their own brand manager, marketing and comms manager, finance director, strategic planner and project manager. The steps to create a brand from scratch, a website, to make money and so on, are daunting and many people give up.

On top of this there’s the pressure to take better photos and hone your skills as a photographer. After all this is the product people are buying from you!

This is where 1-2-1 coaching with D E V E L O P comes in! 

I really want to help you grow, evolve and develop!

what is 1-2-1 coaching?

1-2-1 coaching is as the name suggests – your very own teacher, supporter and mentor – there to give you hands on practical advice in the areas you need help with.

You in affect get access to all I’ve learnt across my two careers to date.

Whether you’re struggling with working out your marketing, getting bookings or creatively not progressing, coaching can be the rocket fuel you need to overcome these hurdles.

I am a big advocate of 1-2-1 coaching as it’s personal. I want to get to know you and your business and to make a difference.

If you choose to continue with regular Skype sessions you position yourself to continue to receive expertise in the areas you need it most and you have some accountability – which when working alone can be hugely beneficial.

Having an external pair of eyes on your business can be hugely powerful.

Coaching is an investment in to you and your business, that be the break through you needed. 

how does it work?

We initially have a phone/Skype chat for 30 minutes for me to learn more about you and where you’re at. This will help identify where coaching can help you. These kick-off calls are often fairly therapeutic as you can get everything off your chest! 

This will help identify you which of the areas we’ll focus on (all options below).

I’ll then draw up a plan for what we’ll cover in our 1-2-1 day session and we’ll make plans for that to happen.

You will come away from a day’s session with me inspired, excited and probably a little overwhelmed! (That’s a good sign though!)

After our day together I’ll send you a summary action plan and we’ll have a follow-up call a month later to check on your progress. 

You can choose to continue your coaching with me as you wish. The longer we work together, the more I can help you reach your goals!

 Coaching provides you with greater know-how, actionable   plans, accountability and most   of all lots and lots of   encouragement!


areas I can help you with

These are all the areas I can work with you on. You can choose up to four modules per day’s coaching.

branding & target audiences

Having a clearly defined brand is essential for any business. It’s simply creating a feeling, and perception, you want potential customers to have when they think of you business. We’ll plan this out and set out the steps to implement it. We’ll also map out who you’re going to target to create a picture of them so we know how to talk and reach them,


If you are wanting to learn more about shooting weddings and family lifestyle sessions I will take you through every single thing I’ve learnt in detail and help you shape your own approach.

the kit i use and why

I will show you everything I shoot with and my rationale for it  – from camera bodies to lens choices and what I use for when.

lightroom & editing workflow

I’ll share with you everything I do in the post-production process and my simple, and fast, editing techniques in Lightroom. Plus client galleries, delivery of the final product and back-ups.

customer journey planning

We’ll sit down and work out your entire customer journey from start to finish. This exercise will show you the gaps, the areas to improve and the steps to make every touchpoint fruitful.


This is one of the most important things to acheieve when running a small business!

getting customers (your marketing sTrategy)

We will sit down and work out your entire online footprint and digital ecosystem. We will look at all media options for your business – from owned (your website), earned (social and 3rd party wesbsites) and paid (Google adwords, directory listings) and I’ll teach you the importance of ROI (return on investment) and being strategic about what you spend on.

taking better photos

I’ll show you how I look for light, how I think compositionally and how I capture moments and personality of those I’m shooting. Plus we can look at why I love golden hour so much and how I shoot then.

goal setting & mapping

Whether you’re starting out or you’ve been a photographer for years we all can benefit from an external perspective on how we’re running our business and the steps we need to take to get to where we want to go to. We’ll drill down to what makes you tick and the life you want to create, starting with a situational analysis of where you’re currently at.


It can be very daunting working how to get going. From opening business bank accounts, to registering your business, to getting a website created, visual identity made. I can help you plan all these and guide you through the steps.

PRICING AND making money

If you’re constantly discounting, worried about raising your prices and struggling to get your pricing right, I can help fix this and get you back on track. If you’re starting out I can guide you on how to price yourself from the outset and over time.

coaching & mentoring options


A full day with Jonny MP to cover any topics (examples above).

Includes a bespoke follow-up action plan and one catch-up Skype chat a month later to monitor your progress.


A full day with Jonny MP to cover any topics (examples above).

Includes a bespoke follow-up action plan and 6 x 1 hour follow-up Skype calls to continue your development.

Following a kick-off full day 1-2-1 I’ll then be on hand to support you throughout, including monthly 1 hour Skype sessions and email based support for 12 months. We’ll also shoot a wedding together.


  • Individual Skype coaching sessions are available for £150.
  • All coaching takes place on weekdays between 9am and 6pm. Evening Skype call slots can be available on request.
  • 3 hour half-day sessions can be booked for £295.
  • Full day sessions are based on 7 hours, including a lunch break.
  • Additional Skype sessions can be purchased at £125 (for one hour).
  • Longer-term programmes can be paid for in instalments to help with cash-flow.
  • All face-to-face sessions take place in Surrey.


I am not sure if coaching is for me?
Three are lots of things that might hold you back which is perfectly normal. You might have lots of questions and want to find out more. That’s why I offer a free intro call on the phone to hear more about where you’re at and where I think I can help you!
Do you offer a branding and website service?
I don’t provide brand design or website creation myself but I can help you connect with your some great suppliers in this area and I can provide support throughout the process (particularly helpful to get a second opinion when working on your visual identity!)
can i choose what we cover?
Absolutely. The beauty of 1-2-1 coaching is that it’s totally bespoke to you. I get you to complete a questionnaire beforehand so we create a day’s itinary that is the most useful for you. This is the advantage over a generic workshop.
Can I see some of your photos?
For sure! Jump here to see my website and get more of a feel for my style and my business.
Is there an opportunity to do a live shoot?
Yes this is something we can incorporate into your mentoring!
I live a long way from surrey - can we skype?
Ideally I like to run my coaching days in person but I absolutely can chat on Skype with you and cover all the key areas in just the same way! So there’s no need to worry if you live further afield!
Can i come and shoot with you?
As part of my ongoing mentoring programmes there is an opportunity for me to come and second shoot for you (this is only available on weekdays) or you to come and shoot with me.
I want to start a studio - can you help?
My photography experience lies within weddings and lifestyle portraits, so at the moment it’s not something I am offering coaching for as I believe you should receive coaching from someone who has ‘walked the walk!’
I am not sure if this will help me?
The best thing I can suggest is that you book a free intro session with me on the phone/Skype and you’ll be able to get to know me a bit and get a feel for whether you think I can help you!
is coaching available on weekends?
All coaching is for week days only, generally between hours of 9am and 6pm. Evening slots are available for those unable to talk during the day.

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