Here are some of the photographers I’ve worked with to-date.

We were fortunate enough to spend time with Jonny in the very early stages of formalising our fledgling photography business. We were at a point were we didn’t know what to do next with our business, but knew we wanted to quit our day jobs. His extensive professional experience, coupled with his unique personal insights into building a business, and all that comes with it, helped us establish a firm foundation upon which our business has flourished.

Ash & Kat


“Jonny gave us short term and long term goals to aim for and we couldn’t be more grateful for everything he’s done for us.”

Jonny was extremely helpful with developing my career as a photographer. He was great at encouraging and highlighting my strengths. Not only did he help with the technical side of things but also how to interact with couples and guests. He continues to champion me and support me now. He is a bit of a legend!

Colin Ross


“I look back now at how far I’ve come and it’s pretty amazing!”

“The mentoring I received from Jonny took my photography business from being a pipe dream to a successful reality. I can honestly say without his professional insight and input I would not be where I am today. I highly recommend Jonny for anyone looking for that confidence and knowledge boost they need for their business!”

Becky Holdstock


“Jonny gave me so much confidence and encouragement!”