I’m super excited to be launching DEVELOP this month. It’s something that’s been in my head for a long time but I wanted to wait for the right time – mostly to get wedding season complete for 2017 – but also to build up as much experience as possible. Jonny MP Photography is over 6 years old now and in that time I’ve had over 500 customers. Hitting that number for me felt like I was ready to start sharing what I’ve learnt.

That said launching DEVELOP doesn’t mean for a second I think I’ve learn it all. In fact I think I’m about 5% through my photography journey and there’s so so much more I want to learn and so much more I want to get better at. No one is ever ‘there’ – we’re all going on our own journeys and that’s OK! I actually expect to learn lots from coaching others and look forward to meeting new people in the industry.

When you start something it’s easy to be overwhelmed and have lots of worries. The usual questions pop up! My mantra is just ‘give it a go.’ There never is the perfect time and there never will be any guarantee something goes perfectly. All I can do is give my all – after all that’s what I did when I started my photography business with no training and no experience. Working hard does go a long way!

Here’s to 2018!